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Microscope The Under the Microscope section provides reviews and commentaries relating to new trends and / or policies relevant to Good Microbiological Practice, Quality Management, Training, Validation and Education. It is envisaged that the section will be periodically publish or reprint articles and guidelines relative to Microbiologists working within Industry. Selected contributors will on occasion be invited to contribute relevant articles.

The section currently displays an article "Framing Microbiology" written by the author which attempts to provide an overview of how the perception of Microbiology has changed over the last 30 years and outlines some of the challenges faced by Microbiologists working in Industry.

PDF document FRAMING MICROBIOLOGY (The document will be available soon)

"Arcane Science, Black Art, A Necessary but Inherently Management-Unfriendly Science, or Highly Relevant Quality Tool - Why is MicrobiologySo Often Overlooked?"