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The DFMICRO website contains three sections dedicated to the discussion of issues and concerns of potential interest to Microbiologists working within Industry or areas of Quality Management. The ultimate aim being to create a Community of Practice that provides an interactive forum for fellow professionals to voice opinions, provide comment on current topical issues and share their experience in respect to different methods, approaches and practices applied within the workplace etc.

The Under the Microscope section provides reviews and commentaries relating to new trends and / or policies relevant to Good Microbiological Practice, Quality Management, Training, Validation and Education. It is envisaged that the section will periodically publish or reprint articles and guidelines relative to Microbiologists working within Industry. Selected contributors will on occasion be invited to contribute relevant articles. The section currently displays an article "Framing Microbiology", in which the author attempts to provide an overview of how the perception of Microbiology has changed over the last 30 years and outlines some of the challenges faced by Microbiologists working in Industry. The Hot Topicals Section will publish discussion type articles. The nature of the topics covered by the articles will directly reflect current issues or topics that impact Microbiologists with respect to methodology, material, and Microbiological Laboratory Management issues. It is envisaged that the much of the impetus for the content of this section will come from the feedback and opinion of members of the Community of Practice The Micro Corner provides an open forum or Community of Practice for fellow Microbiology professionals to discuss issues and exchange ideas and information regarding current trends in Microbiology. Experience with new instrumentation or methods, difficulties or information deficits. It is hoped that the Micro Corner can allow us share our experience together with the aim of improving are ability to meet the ever-changing and ever increasing demands that exist in the modern production environment.Membership is free - members are required to register and access is password protected.Members are requested to observe all relevant privacy and proprietary information protection requirements as indicated by EU Law and pertinent to their place of work.
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"Arcane Science, Black Art, A Necessary but Inherently Management-Unfriendly Science, or Highly Relevant Quality Tool - Why is Microbiology So Often Overlooked?"
"Does Microbiology Need its Own OOS Guideline?"
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